The History of Mała Galeria

At first, Mała Galeria has been located in a historic building on Jagiellońska  Street. That manor house was built at the turn of XVII/XVIII  centuries and It belongs to the Marschalek family. Since 1972 the manor house has been a listed building. Our beginning is connected to the  ZPAP. Nowy Sącz  members of this association of polish artists were engaged in organizational activities. They were arranging exhibitions as well. Mała Galeria succeeded by dint of the social activity of artists as the ZPAP’s department could not provide the full payment for displays.

A few months after the revival  of ZPAP, when the  elections for a management in Nowy Sącz   branch were done,  the new era for establishments has begun.  The head of Mała Galeria, Alicja Hebda, accepting the moral right of artists for using the manor house as an abode of the association, has started strict cooperation with the management. By working together, they have enriched the cultural and art performances. It was a very beneficial movement for ZPAP. The president of the Nowy Sącz branch, Andrzej Szarek, was responsible for arrangement of events, and made a valued contribution to the today’s image of Mała Galeria. Year by year the variety of performances has been improving with his assistance, as  well- known artists have been invited to Mała Galeria. By uniting the forces, Mała Galeria BWA became a place where artistic circles integrated together, and where people were mobilized to create and perform new artistic forms, so that cultural performances could be more various.

Since January 1994 Mala Galeria has became the branch of Nowy Sącz City Cultural Centre (Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Nowym Sączu).  Making no changes in the profile of functioning ,the gallery continued its ambitious artistic program. A year after that Mała Galeria has recived an award of “Srebrny Talar” for the most interesting cultural initiative in Nowy Sacz voivodeship in 1994. This award was given by council of the competition which was appointed by Sądecko-Podchalańska Izba Gospodarcza  (a chamber of commerce).

Together with renaming the Nowy Sącz City Cultural Centre (Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Nowym Sączu)  into Nowy Sącz Cultural and Art Centre (Nowosądecki Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki) In August 1995 there was a formal change in the name of gallery into Mała Galeria NOKiS. Since April 1996 the gallery has been an independent institution and was renamed into Nowosądecka Mała Galeria, as it was given a new statute by the council of Nowy Sącz. 

Despite some constant organisational and formal  changes, Mała Galeria has been consequently realising tasks that had been agreed. It is still widening the offer of artistic and cultural performances. Besides organising exhibitions (which is the main gallery’s activity), some other artistic forms are being performed. There are concerts, happenings, theatre, poetry evenings and meetings with authors. Artists from all over the country as well as from abroad are invited to Mała Galeria. Some of the performances have a cyclic character.

Mały Festiwal Form Artystycznych  (The Little Festival of Artistic Forms) is among the most important annual events. There are also concerts “Witold Buszek przedstawia…”, performances that honors artists from Nowy Sącz “ Portrety Sądeczan” and the special cycle of exhibitions "Artysta zaprasza ...". We can also mention the events such as “Debiuty” and “Promocje” during which we can see debutantes. A work with youth people is also carried through “Mała academia rysunku” (the Little draw academy) which are the classes for  artistically gifted teenagers. Although youth people participate in all forms of gallery’s activity, the most important for them are talks and meetings with authors organized in gallery. People gathered around this place, and the place itself, both create  "genius loci" - the special atmosphere of Mała Galeria.

Since May 2007, together with the gallery’s spirit, Mała Galeria has moved to the manor house in the Planty park .